Woodland Park VBC

Welcome to Woodland Park VBC

Welcome to Woodland Park VBC

Welcome to Woodland Park VBCWelcome to Woodland Park VBC

2019 Colorado Crossroads

WEEK 2: March 15th - 17th ​16s - 18s

Hotel Reservations:

This is a "Stay and Play" tournament. What that means is that each team must have 12 nights reserved through the tournament's hotel site, THS Company, cannot book on your own!  

What we need you to do...

Follow these steps here to reserve your room...Must be completed by December 18th or we loose the rooms.

1. Go to THS Company 

2. Click on Customer Login at the top right.

3. Enter the Parent Passcode (email us for passcode) in the Book within a team block box.

4. You will then be logged into a page that allows you to enter your personal information & credit card information to the rooming list.  Your credit card will not be charged until you check into your room.

4. Make sure to reserve all the nights you want to stay. You can check in on Thursday, March 14th or Friday, March 15th. 

5. Check out will be Sunday, March 17th for everyone. 

Parking During Tournament: 

Crossroads will be played at the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver. You MUST pay for parking. At the Convention Center it is $15 for 12 hours. The further away you park the cheaper the parking becomes. Our suggestion is to carpool from the hotel and split the cost of parking.  Parking Panda is a great app for parking reservations if you choose not to park at the Convention Center.  You will need to make 3 different reservations, one for each day. 

Guest Registration / Wristband Information: TM2Sign
​Entrance to Colorado Crossroads requires registration, and a guest, player, or staff wristband. There are no exceptions! Event Specific Information:
All family, friends, and fans of all teams, players, and coaches must register; no one may enter the playing area without an Entry Wristband, including during practices or tryouts. Guests may register online or at the Convention Center in Lower A Lobby. Guests may register for either One Day ($18 paid on-line or $20 paid on site) or the Weekend ($38 per weekend paid on-line or $40 paid on site); players, coaches and team staff register for an Entry Wristband as part of their Team registration. Entry Wristbands for Guests under 6 are free, but these Guests must register and get an Entry Wristband on site (not online). One-Day Registration is valid only for the day on which it is used.   On site registration is open Friday, March 8 for Week 1 and Thursday March 14 for Week 2 from 2:00pm - 9:00pm, as well as each day of tournament play from 7 am to 7 pm. Guest may pick up Entry Wristbands they registered for online at the WILL CALL counter in Lobby A or at the Denver Pavilions. (See website - coloradocrossroads.org - for more information) THERE ARE NO FEE REFUNDS for Entry Wristbands.  REPLACEMENT FOR LOST, STOLEN OR FORGOTTEN ENTRY WRISTBANDS for Guests, Players, or Coaches requires payment of a fee for a new Entry Wristband. 

Player & Staff Wristbands:

All wristbands for the teams will be picked up at one time by the team rep.  at team check in. The Team Representative is issued the wristbands for each player on the roster and each staff member (up to 3 - can be Coaches, Chaperones, Team Representatives, Managers, etc. Must be registered with RMR). These wristbands are included as part of the Team Registration fee – there is no extra charge for them.
COACHES: REMEMBER to issue your players a wristband before you ask them to meet you inside the playing venue. Players who do not have a wristband will not be allowed into the playing facility.