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Welcome to Woodland Park VBC

Welcome to Woodland Park VBC

Welcome to Woodland Park VBCWelcome to Woodland Park VBC


Woodland Park Volleyball Club (WPVBC) is an organization dedicated to helping Woodland Park, Colorado athletes achieve their volleyball goals and aspirations. All of the programs are designed to help each player understand the game of volleyball and develop the skills to compete at a middle school and high school level.  WPVBC club is led by high school coaches and parents which partners with Woodland Park School District to instill a great work ethic, moral direction and guide competition among our athletes. WPVBC goal is to start with the youth and follow up through high school to energize the volleyball program, and to build relationships with each other, parents and community involvement.    

The Club offers the expertise of some of the best coaches in the area. All the coaches are devoted to making each player the best they can be. Many are top level players with high school, college, and post college playing experience.  A number of the coaches have well developed and established high school programs.  

The Club offers each player the opportunity to learn and apply new techniques in practice and in competition, without fear of losing a starting position or ridicule from coaches or other players. We try to have fun while learning, practicing, and playing in tournaments.  

Each team within the Club is limited to 8-10 players at the coaches discretion; to ensure adequate coaching and playing time.  Teams will have one head coach and one assistant.  The commitment of the players is crucial to the team and the club.  All players are expected to participate in each practice and competition.  The final number of teams is dependent on the number of players trying out and the number of coaches available to coach a team.  

The volleyball club season starts in December and continues through May.  A typical season can be described as one to two months of practice followed by three to four months of tournaments and practices.  During the tournament season each team will try to get into two tournaments each month with a total of eight or nine.  Most of the tournaments will require travel.  All of the tournaments are in the Eastern Colorado area.

Mission Statement

Woodland Park VBC is dedicated to developing highly skilled volleyball players in the Woodland Park, Colorado area.  Woodland Park VBC will offer a top-quality Junior Olympic Volleyball program experience through intense and competitive tournaments, the ability to pursue volleyball opportunities beyond the high school level, and a coaching staff that is knowledgeable, dedicated, and caring.  Woodland Park VBC is committed to developing self-confidence, stressing personal development as a volleyball player and as an individual, and educating each athlete and parent about the sport of volleyball. 

A Bit of History

Woodland Park VBC Founder - Howard Lau: The Woodland Park Volleyball Club began in 2012 as a way to introduce the Woodland Park community to the Club Volleyball world.  Watching and coaching my daughter’s Park and Rec and middle school teams I saw the potential for a competitive club.  With the cooperation of the school coaches and the school board we were able to establish a great team.   I am grateful to the families and girls that stayed with the club from Freshman to Senior year and turned it into a team that challenged at every tournament.  I was especially proud when our tiny club would knock off the big clubs from Denver or Boulder.  We were the “short” team that kept beating them! Now, I’m excited with the new group of girls playing for WPVBC.  I see a bright future for WPVBC. 

Coach Howard

From Captain to Coach

Jenny Lau

Played for WPVBC 2012-2015

I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 As a 5' 2" setter in a sport of 6' 4" athletes, every match for me was a David and Goliath moment. For nine years, my mind was haunted with whispers from across the net. 'Look at how short that girl is.' 'Do you think her head even passes the bottom of the net?' 'Well this should be an easy win.' I struggled for a long time as I watched my competitors, and even my teammates, literally look down on me. However, God has a crazy sense of humor, and he instilled a passion in my heart that no words could extinguish. Through the Lord working some miracles on me, I ended my senior season with two records in the school, MVP and captain on the team, first team All-League and Honorable mention All-State for 4A volleyball in Colorado.  

Now I hope that I don't sound boastful because.....

John Wooden "Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable."  ​Coach of UCLA Basketball , 10 National Champs, 7 in a row